Unitary Council Candidates

Emilio Pimentel-Reid

I am running as a Lansdown resident who wants to stand up for my neighbours.

Local issues that are important to the Bath and Lansdown community should be addressed by local representatives and decisions made by those who have local interests at heart.

Emily Peacock

I moved to Bath from Berkshire in 2010, a single mother with four young children. My arthritis diagnosis was the main reason for moving plus the bonus of there being great schools in the area for all four children.

Oliver Dudley

I’m Oliver Dudley and I hope that you choose me as your next Councillor. I live, work and study in Bath I want to serve you as your councilor as I hope to also serve you as a Pharmacist in the NHS in the future.

Matthew Davies

Matthew Davies is currently your Councillor for Weston as well as a self-employed businessman.