Our People

Parliamentary Spokesperson:

Matt Heappey: https://www.bathconservatives.com/people/matt-heappey

Bath BANES councillors and local ward campaigners:

Cllr Dr Kumar: Cllr Dr Kumar | Bath (bathconservatives.com)

David Ferris: David Ferris | Bath (bathconservatives.com)

Emilio Pimentel-Reid: Emilio Pimentel-Reid | Bath (bathconservatives.com)

Graham Pristo: Graham Pristo | Bath (bathconservatives.com)

Justin Draeger: Justin Draeger | Bath (bathconservatives.com)

Louisa McFarland: Louisa McFarland | Bath (bathconservatives.com)

Mark Mac Donnell: Mark Mac Donnell | Bath (bathconservatives.com)

Martin Grixoni: Martin Grixoni | Bath (bathconservatives.com)

Qamar Rafiq: https://www.bathconservatives.com/people/qamar-rafiq

Information on our other candidates will be posted soon.