Annabel Tall, Conservative candidate for Bath in the General Election 2019, said:

"Some voters in Bath will be disappointed that the Green candidate has had to withdraw from the election. But that decision must not mean the environment is forgotten in this election. Far from it.

"As a qualified mountain leader and climber, I see the effects of climate change first-hand.  I see glaciers melting back, year on year. Tackling the environmental crisis is personal for me, and a key reason I want to become Bath's MP.”

“I am proud of Conservative achievements on the environment. This year the UK has gone for record periods without using coal for electricity generation.  Our investment in clean energy has seen renewable power generation grow from 6% to 37% since 2010.  That means for every 10 light bulbs, we are now lighting 4 with renewable energy, an achievement that would have seemed impossible a decade ago

"The UK is a global leader on climate change, cutting harmful emissions faster than any other major economy. We have reduced greenhouse gases by a quarter since 2010, decarbonising faster than any other G20 country whilst continuing to grow our economy.  And we have passed laws to ensure the UK achieves Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“The way to tackle climate change is not by shutting down economic activity, but instead harnessing British ingenuity and creativity to develop new renewable technologies.  We will create thousands of new ‘green’ jobs, whilst reducing and ending our contribution to global warming on a realistic timescale.

“This issue is too important important to be left to paper-pushing committees, or wishful thinking.  We need firm action that makes a real difference.  The UK is leading the world in many areas of environment improvement: I want to see us do even more, and Bath can lead the way.”



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