How do we build a brighter future for Bath?

Tell us what you think.  We believe Bath needs a different approach from what is being by the current Council. In 2023 there will be a chance to elect a Conservative Council and start putting things back on the right track here.

The present BANES Administration appears to be being clear what sort of future it would like: no tourists, no visitors, no cars, much less business, and fewer jobs, as a result. 

This muddled approach will spell decline and disaster for Bath.

Conservatives take a different approach.  We are already working to oppose the Council on many of its crazier plans.

- We want to see a priority given to the economy, to jobs and investment. 

- An end to the one-track approach that says all Bath's traffic problems can be solved by more cycle lanes.

- An end to the posturing and empty slogans over our natural environment, and real action taken instead. 

- And much more imagination put into making the most of our wonderful heritage, and history.

We want to hear what you think is important.  Our online "New Year, New Bath" survey looks to a future beyond the pandemic.  There are many issues which are already bubbling away, as the shambles of the current administration becomes every more obvious. 

Fill in the survey now, and tell us what you think, and together let's build a much brighter future for all of us here in Bath.

New Year, New Bath: 2022 Survey

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1. Current Hot Topics: many issues are causing concern across the City. Which ones are you interested in or concerned about? You can tick as many as you wish.
3. The Council says it wants residents to participate in the development of its "Vision" for Bath. How involved or consulted do you feel in this process?
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