Out in Lambridge first today - meeting people up to the constituency boundary. We were told we were the first canvassers they’d met for years! I don’t think many get over to that side of Bath. We got a warm friendly reception with lots of conservative supporters.

Conservatives help business

After a great day out yesterday talking to our retailers around Bath here's summary of what Conservatives are doing to support our small and medium sized businesses. I will support our businesses and high streets in Bath.

Final Saturday of the campaign

Started the day in the office helping to sort out teams getting the last of our first three leaflets out. Rather more environmentally friendly that the avalanche of leaflets being printed by one of the other parties in this election. You may have noticed, even the postmen are complaining now.

Boris Johnson wins the BBC Leaders’ Debate

Tonight, Jeremy Corbyn once again demonstrated an abject failure of leadership. His repeated unwillingness to set out a clear position on Brexit means he has no credibility on anything else.

Community Resilience Team

The Community Resilience Team's great first night on river patrol in Bath two years ago today. It was CRT's first joint deployment with Serve On, SARAID International and the Fire Service. Since then CRT is still going strong and moving onto missing person search.

Unique Media TV

Thank you so much to Unique Media TV for giving us the opportunity to take questions directly from you all at their studio today. You can watch a recording of the live broadcast here.