Tom Hobson chosen to fight Kingsmead By-Election

Tom Hobson, a local resident himself, has been chosen to stand for the Conservatives in the upcoming by-election in Kingsmead on Thursday 5th July. The by-election follows the sad passing away of previous Conservative Councillor Chris Pearce.

"I feel honoured to be standing to build on Chris Pearce's legacy, and represent the area where I live; Bath is a special place, and Kingsmead is at its heart." said Tom. "I understand what concerns local residents, because the same things concern me."

"There is much more we can do in Kingsmead. Under the Conservative Council, we've seen improvements delivered locally like the upgrades to the Marlborough Junction. We are pedestrianising Kingsmead Square, a move backed by many traders and residents, turning the Square into a real focus for the local community."

"The other parties have no plans for Kingsmead and seem more concerned with national issues. We need a Conservative councillor here to be a strong, energetic voice for our local community and champion the issues that matter to us local residents."
"If you have any issues or concerns you'd like to raise please get in touch.  Together we can make Kingsmead an even better place to live!"

Tom has made a strong start to his campaign, including winning praise from Party Chairman, Brandon Lewis MP.