Lizzie takes Abbey seat for Bath Conservatives!

Lizzie Gladwyn has won the by-election for Abbey Ward, capturing the seat from the Greens.  It means she joins Cllr Peter Turner as one of the two Conservative councillors for the Bath city centre ward.

The result came after a hard-fought battle against strong competition from the Greens, Labour and the Lib-Dems.

Lizzie, who worked for 5 years as a Nursing Assistant at the RUH, and volunteers for Mind and St Mungos, said she was excited but humbled by the win:

"To be a Councillor for Bath city centre, a World Heritage Cty, is a huge privilege. Huge thanks must go to my team of supporters, who have been absolutely tireless over the past few weeks of the campaign.  After catching up on a bit of sleep, I look forward to working with my fellow Abbey Ward councillor, Peter Turner, to make sure Bath City's voice is heard loud and clear in Bath & North East Somerset Council."

Bath Conservative Association Chairman, Nick Tester, said the result came about through the sustained efforts of a highly motivated team:

"Lizzie was a great candidate and will be a great councillor.  I'd like to thank everyone from the Association, and our friends from neighbouring areas, who put so much effort in to help get Lizzie elected.  We judged this by-election to be very important, as did our opponents.  It was a well-fought campaign, with hard work, passion and creativity on all sides. I am, naturally, thoroughly delighted by the result."