Lizzie Lobbies the Secretary of State

Lizzie with Sajid Javid

Lizzie Gladwyn, the Conservative candidate for the upcoming Council by-election in Abbey Ward in Bath's city centre, has taken residents' concerns directly to the ministerial level, having met with Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Lizzie, along with Bath MP, Ben Howlett, and Leader of Bath and North East Somerset Council, Tim Warren, discussed issues with the Secretary of State, including waste collections, transport, air pollution and mental health services. 

Lizzie said:

"Working alongside our local MP and Leader of the Council, I know I can make a positive impact for our City Centre.  The opportunity to take local issues to Government Ministers means Abbey Ward's issues are on the radar. I am confident that the issues residents raise with me are being listened to, at the highest level."

Lizzie has certainly made a positive impression on Bath MP Ben Howlett:

"Having worked with Lizzie first-hand I am certain she has the experience, passion and drive to make an excellent Councillor for Abbey Ward.  She has been liaising with me for a number of years, championing mental health and city centre issues.  Given her enthusiasm and expertise, it is clear that Lizzie is the best choice as a new Councillor for Abbey Ward."