Have your say on plans for new Park & Ride site east of Bath

Bath & North East Somerset Council will hold a public consultation to seek the public’s views on possible sites for a new park and ride to the East of Bath.

The plans for an East of Bath Park & Ride form a key part of the Council’s wider strategy to improve transport, tackle congestion and reduce air pollution levels in and around Bath.

Cllr Tim Warren (Conservative, Mendip), Leader of Bath & North East Somerset Council, said: “Our existing Park and Ride sites are very popular with the public and have recently been expanded. But we also need an additional Park and Ride site to the east of the city to improve access from that side and further reduce traffic coming into the centre unnecessarily.

“One of our new administration’s top priorities is to improve local transport – making it easier for residents, businesses and visitors to get around our area. Therefore we’re taking action to meet people’s needs for an east of Bath Park and Ride. We’re keen for people to take a look at the potential sites and give us their views to help us to choose the preferred location.”

The consultation will start on September 7 2015 and run until early October. At the end of the consultation, officers will analyse the results, which will be put before councillors in November for a decision. Once a preferred site has been chosen it will be included in the Placemaking Plan later this year.

An independent review in 2013 found that there were seven potential sites. Three have been deemed viable.

Cllr Anthony Clarke (Conservative, Lansdown), Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “The three sites which are being put forward to consultation are the ones which have been assessed and identified by the Council’s transport officers as the most viable of the seven originally considered.  We do not have a preference for which of these three sites should be taken forward – we want to hear which site residents believe would be the most appropriate location and deliver the most benefit in terms of improving transport.”

The three sites for consultation are:

  • Land east of A4/A46 junction 
  • Land west of Mill Lane 
  • Land east of Mill Lane

The consultation will include:

  • A brochure and website where you can look at plans for the different sites and compare their benefits and challenges.
  • Exhibitions in Bathampton Village Hall (Saturday 19 September – 2.00pm to 6.00pm) and the Guildhall in Bath (Tuesday 22 September – 4.00pm to 8.00pm).
  • More exhibitions are planned, see the Council’s website for further updates.
  • Meetings with parish councils and other interested local organisations.

Objectives for the Park and Ride Scheme:

  • To reduce congestion within the city
  • To improve the city’s environment
  • To reduce car use into the city centre and improve the proportion of journeys made by public transport
  • To reduce carbon emissions from transport
  • To support the city’s economic development and Enterprise Area
  • To improve connectivity to support business and growth of the wider region.

There are currently three Park and Ride sites on the edges of Bath, at Newbridge, Lansdown and Odd Down.

Source: www.bathnes.gov.uk/latestnews