Government helping Bath cope with Covid-19

The Conservative Government has allocated almost £50million to Bath and North-East Somerset to help local people and local businesses cope with the impact of the Coronovirus Emergency Measures.

BathNES have been given a grant of £10million to allow it to meet its immediate financial responsibilities, and cover the costs of emergency action to support disadvantaged groups, including rough sleepers.

£33million has been paid in interest-free loans to some 2,500 local businesses, with a further 500 eligible.

Bath Conservative Chairman, Andrew Pattie, said:

"The response across the City to this crisis has been outstanding, especially from the many hundreds of residents who have volunteered to help others in our community.  The Government's financial support will be welcomed by all fair-minded people, and should allow Bath, desite the challenges ahead, to get back to work quickly as the Lockdown restrictions are eased.

"We all have in our thoughts the essential workers, not least in the NHS, who have kept the wheels turning at this difficult time, and those who have suffered personally because of the virus.

"We now need to see B&NES Council face up to the tough challenges ahead responsibly.  No-one underestimates the size of this challenge, and I have offered the help and support of Bath Conservatives to the Council leadership.  We stand ready to set aside political differences to work with other parties to help put our City back on its feet."