Climate hustings

Thank you to the organisers of the Bath Climate Hustings today for running such an energetic and positive event, demonstrating how much we can achieve if we collaborate. I am proud that the UK and the Conservative Party are leading the world in our response to climate change. Conservation and the environment are at the heart of our policies.

Conservatives have a proven track record and an achievable plan. Other parties are campaigning for faster responses, which risk destabilising both society and the economy - which could lead to a failure to meet climate change deadlines at all. Our plan is working and will continue to work. The environment is too important to risk. Here are some highlights of the conservatives' achievements:

✅ We are the FIRST major economy to legislate for net zero cabon emissions by 2050

✅ We have REDUCED the carbon emissions of our economy faster than ANY other G20 country

✅ We have banned plastic microbeads in personal care and cosmetic products

✅ We've created 41 new Marine Conservation Zones around the UK, a big step forward in protecting our marine enviroment

✅ We Introduced the 5p charge on single-use plastic bags, which has seen use drop dramatically

✅ We have increased renewable energy generation to nearly 40% (from 6% in 2009) driven largely by investment in offshore wind generation: in simple terms, 4 of every 10 lightbulbs in your home are now lit by renewable energy.

✅ We have reduced our dependency on coal for power generation from 40% in 2012 to less than 2%. As a result, in 2017 we had the first full day that the UK has not burned coal for energy for 135 years

To find out more about how we Conservatives are working to Conserve our natural word, read our manifesto, or google “Conservative climate achievements”.