Local News

Bath Rotary Fireworks

Great evening out in Bath collecting for two local charities for The Rotary of Bath. Voices is a local charity for women who have suffered domestic violence and Reminiscence Learning links junior schools and care homes. Two fantastic charities.

Christmas Market at Widcombe Social Club

Had a lovely visit to the Christmas Market at Widcombe Social Club. Met and chatted to lots of residents and store holders. Beautiful gifts from our local artists and crafters. 

Bath Rugby

Delighted to meet and chat with Bath rugby supporters outside the Rec today. A very close match as you can see by Martin's reaction on the left! 

Off to canvass

One of canvassing teams ready to head off with Annabel to Odd Down where we have been getting a lot of interesting and positive feedback.

Bath City Centre

Great morning in Bath city centre. Residents delighted to see the candidate out in town. Much hand shaking! Very positive response to our policies on policing and realistic climate policies.

Supporting the Campaign to Protect Rural England

Delighted to support the Campaign to Protect Rural England starry skies initiative launched this evening at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. ‬One of a number of initiatives to link our city and rural communities.

Mulberry Park

Up at Mulberry Park Fox Hill, with my father this morning. Sitting on the spot where his office used to be when he was posted to the Fox Hill MOD site with the Royal Navy when I first came to Bath.  Looks a bit different now!

St John's Foundation documentary premiere

Attended the St. John's Foundation premiere this evening of “A Roof over my Head”, a short documentary, produced by Meaningful Films, and shown at Komedia.

Out with the Avon Community Resilience Team

I was out on Tuesday night with the Avon Community Resilience Team practicing night navigation and search techniques in the dark. We are lucky to have skilled volunteers including a Mountaineering Instructor to help train members.

Foxes Academy

If you need cheering up this morning, take a look at the amazing Foxes Academy, one of our outstanding colleges for young people with learning difficulties. My son is in his second year doing a BTech in hospitality and catering. So proud of him and his journey.