Assurances from Council on City Centre Waste Collections

Lizzie Gladwyn, Peter Turner and Tim WarrenConservative by-election candidate for Abbey Ward, Lizzie Gladwyn, and the area’s local councillor, Peter Turner, have received assurances that the Leaders of B&NES Council are listening to feedback from city centre residents and resident associations over planned changes to waste collections. 

The Council has confirmed that the particular issues faced by many homes in the historic centre of Bath will be taken into account as the plans are developed. 

The Council’s Conservative leadership has said the Council recognises that, due to the high-density of properties and lack of suitable indoor or outside storage in many homes, it is unlikely that fortnightly collections of general-waste will be practical in much of the city centre. B&NES had stated from the outset that it would not be taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the changes, and would engage with residents on the plans.

Lizzie Gladwyn, who herself lives in a converted flat in a Georgian building in central Bath,  has supported the efforts of Abbey Ward councillor, Peter Turner, and City Centre Residents Associations, to raise the issue with B&NES Council Leader, Tim Warren.

Lizzie said:

“Overwhelmingly, people – including residents associations - that Peter and I’ve been speaking to in the City Centre are very supportive of the Council’s overall plans to both increase recycling, and reduce street litter by introducing gull-proof rubbish sacks to more homes. 

“But much of Bath city centre is high density, historic housing with little or no storage for waste, meaning it simply isn’t practical to introduce wheelie-bins or fortnightly collections of general waste.

“Peter and I are delighted to receive assurances that these points are being taken into account, and that the Council will work with local residents associations to make sure they get the plans right.”