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Conservatives are working hard to build an even better Bath - and an even better Britain.  If you want to play a part, join us !

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Bath is a vibrant constituency of almost 70,000 residents.  Our city has a rich history: the Bath constituency covers much of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that straddles the River Avon, and benefits from the glorious, green surroundings of the Cotswolds and the Mendip Hills.

Bath is an internationally renowned tourist venue, home to two universities, a centre of international-standard sporting, arts and cultural excellence and the base for many outstanding innovative and creative businesses.  At the same time, the City faces challenges: as Bath's local Conservatives, we are committed to applying Conservative principles and a Conservative approach to overcome these challenges and build an even better Bath for all.

What Conservatives believe

We believe in personal responsibility, and building a society where anyone, of whatever background, is free to make the most of their lives. But we're against selfish individualism. We believe in tackling the challenge of what can seem an increasingly atomised society by showing that personal responsibility is part of a shared responsibility; that we’re all in this together; that there must be a ‘we’ in our politics as well as a ‘me.’

We believe in national sovereignty. But not in isolation and xenophobia. Now is the time to work for an open and flexible relationship with our European friends and neighbours, building a high growth, low unemployment future, recognising that Britain has always done best when she engages ethically and enthusiastically with the wider world.

We believe in lower taxes. But not in fostering greed or favouring the rich. A strong economy needs competitive tax rates to encourage enterprise and good public infrastructure to support growth. So creating economic opportunity for all means fairly sharing the fruits of economic growth between lower taxes and strengthened public services.

We believe in the family, but not in preaching to people about how they should live their lives. We must respond to the challenge of social breakdown by actively supporting marriage through the tax and benefits system. But in a more liberal and less deferential age, we must support all families, for example through childcare, because what matters most is that children are brought up in a stable, loving home.

We believe in demanding high standards in health and education.  Opt-outs and escape routes for the privileged few will never deliver high quality for all. The challenge is to deliver equal access to first-class public services without burdening today’s generations with higher taxes, or tomorrow’s generations with higher debt. More choice, competition and local autonomy must be matched by strong leadership to raise standards.

We believe in limited government. But rolling back the state must never mean the weak or disadvantaged are left behind. We want civic society to flourish. We must help social enterprises and voluntary organisations do even more to tackle the entrenched problems that affect our communities, believing that there is such a thing as society - it’s just not the same thing as the state.

If you believe in these things too, join us now!