Bath's local government ward boundaries

There are 37 wards in the whole of Bath & North East Somerset, represented by 65 councillors. Councillors are elected for a four year term and elections are traditionally held on the first Thursday in May. The last election was held on 7 May 2015.

There are 16 wards within the City of Bath, which forms part of B&NES. They are listed below together with the names of the 14 Conservative Councillors who currently represent those wards:

  • Abbey : Cllr Peter Turner, Cllr Lizzie Gladwyn
  • Bathwick : Cllr Matt Cochrane      Cllr Steve Jeffries
  • Combe Down : Cllr Bob Goodman
  • Kingsmead
  • Lambridge
  • Lansdown : Cllr Patrick Anketell-Jones     Cllr Anthony Clarke
  • Lyncombe : Cllr Mark Shelford     Cllr Michael Norton
  • Newbridge
  • Odd Down
  • Oldfield
  • Southdown
  • Twerton
  • Walcot : Cllr Fiona Darey
  • Westmoreland
  • Weston : Cllr Colin Barrett     Cllr Matthew Davies
  • Widcombe : Cllr Jasper Becker